Civil Litigation

Civil litigation refers to legal disputes which are not criminal in nature. Our litigation team can assist clients, both individual and corporate, at all stages of a dispute. Understanding your rights and obligations eases the stress of uncertainty and may help you avoid costly missteps. Our litigation lawyers are general practitioners, bringing their advocacy skills to bear in practice areas including, but not limited to, forestry, motor transport, and estate litigation.


John is a director of the Interior Logging Association and writes legal articles for the Truck Logger BC Magazine. His experience includes drafting timber harvesting agreements, filing woodworker liens, and representing contractors and subcontractors in disputes arising out of the Timber Harvesting Contract and Subcontract Regulation, commonly known as Bill 13. John has also appeared before the Forest Appeals Commission and given seminars on the Forest and Range Practices Act and the Wildfire Act.

Motor Transport

John is a director of the Western Professional Truckers Association. The motor transport industry is broad in scope and heavily regulated. It covers long distance highway hauling, on and off highway through log hauling, local courier services, charter buses, and taxis. Motor carriers are also affected by employee/owner-operator and debt collection issues. Their governing statutes include the Motor Vehicle Act, the Commercial Transport Act, the Passenger Transportation Act, the Employment Standards Act, and the Workers Compensation Act.

Estate Litigation

Generally, an estate is distributed by the executor named in a will, or, if there is no will, by an administrator.  These personal representatives are accountable and potentially liable for their actions. Disputes may arise over who should take on this role and how they should go about it. If the will-maker is suspected to have lacked capacity when making the will or been unduly influenced, or if a will does not make adequate provision for the spouse or children of a will-maker, the will may be challenged or varied.